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  • Hello World! Aloha from Hawaii.

    So excited to launch my new online shop and web gallery. I hope you enjoy my artwork and maybe I might inspire you to explore these beautiful islands of Hawaii even a bit further. It really is paradise out here. I have been so blessed and fortuned living and working on the beautiful island of Oahu; every day I thank God for my passion, my desire, and all that what drives me .. I hope I will never loose my passion and my enthusiasm. It defines me in weakness and in strength.

    Spring started with a new (used) car, and a new collection of artwork about David Kalakaua, the last reigning King of Hawaii. In the following weeks I will post more compositions from my "Hawaiian Monarch Series"; which follows my sense of style, my combination of text and image that I use it as a tool to express myself and to tell stories. Sometimes individual words or letters I compose, are placeholders and an invitation to look beyond what you see, and get on your own poetic journey. I often feel that the past meets up with the future in my compositions, you find codes and deciphered information, you see images within the image, in a way it is a never-ending journey.

    I get so much pleasure, creating  my art; my technique reads like a red thread throughout all my compositions. The fact that this incredible ocean right behind the house, just steps away, inspires me daily and became a driving force to be even more creative and share this gift with whoever appreciates it.

    So, please take a look around, click everywhere, double-click on the images, they will enlarge and give you an even better viewing experience. If you find a typo or something that does not seem right, please let me know. The site will be updated, and maintained weekly, soon the browser window will scale the content according to the size of your window... it is all progressing.

    Share information of this site, so that I can reach a broader audience. Often it is difficult to  promote from an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, then again, we all live in a global village and somehow we are all connected.

    Please be patient with me in the beginning, if an order does not ship precisely the day is supposed to go - please forgive me, I will do my best to handle it all to my best ability and follow up asap on every order and custom orders of course. - Help me to make the site a success and share it with your friends, use the interactive and embedded social media functionality of the site - there are many components, that actually come in very handy.

    If you want to say hi, you can reach me at:

    June 2nd, 2013


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    • Jeffrey Neubauer says...

      Congratulations upon this accomplishment. Your vision and labor has beautifully manifested into your art and this website.

      I promise you my patience in exchange for you, Harald, to simply continue to put forth your best!


      On June 01, 2013

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