Alexander Semenov + Harald-M. Lehnardt 

In his collaboration with Russian marine biologist and professional underwater photographer Alexander Semenov, German born artist and designer Harald-M. Lehnardt applies his unique and distinct style, using semiotics, literary and visual sources, to develop a powerful artistic terrain of contemporary and modern compositions.

Semenov has led multiple collaborations with the Discovery Channel, the BBC, National Geographic, Smithsonian and many more, all with the goal of advancing science while boosting interest in marine biology.  Many of the creatures he captured near the Polar Circle on the coast of Kandalaksha Bay are rare and uncommon, and his work is of tremendous value to researchers, biologists and scientists around the globe.

In their collaboration across 2 oceans, Lehnardt (in the Hawaiian Islands) and Semenov (in Russia’s Far North, Moscow and any other location),they are combining their talents in the attempt to create a unique  and harmonious relationship of written language and visual imagery. That interaction creates beautiful tension and offers a fresh perspective with enough flexibility to explore unforeseen poetic opportunities along the way. The combination of text and image can tell stories – can ask questions – can make us aware of things, or simply be poetic and take us away for a brief moment to different places, that are directed by our own imagination.