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  • ALA Trade Show at the Pacific Beach Hotel

    It was my honor to meet the distinguished guest speaker, the legendary Senator Daniel Akaka (90) at the Pacific Beach Hotel during the ALA Presentation in Waikiki where I presented my line of merchandise and artwork to the ALA and the Navy Exchange. Overall my style was well received, I conducted many interesting conversations and I think I made some valuable connections and interesting business alliances. (a much needed break after all the hard work over the past few years). I think, step by step I will eventually reach my goals. - We still have to find out where it all might lead to, but it surely felt great to be recognized and complimented, even Senator Akaka gave me the thumbs up. (Senator Akaka is the first U.S. Senator (1990 to 2013) of Native Hawaiian ancestry. I am very humbled by his comments about my artwork and simply thrilled that I had the chance to meet this gentlemen in person. 
    Here is a quick video on vimeo that will give you an overview of the set up.  Please use the password "Aloha" to log in. Enjoy.
    FYI: The National American Logistics Association, together with the Local Hawaii Chapter, were hosting the 17th Annual “Local Vendor Show, on August 20, 2014 at the Pacific Beach Hotel from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This was a special opportunity for manufacturers and distributors of products Made in Hawaii, or are unique to Hawaii, to display, sample, and present their products to Hawaii Commissary and Exchange buyers with key decision-makers in attendance.)
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