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        Invitation to Art Opening "Synergy between Text and Image" by Harald-M. Lehnardt in Cologne, Germany

        Invitation to Art Opening "Synergy between Text and Image" by Harald-M. Lehnardt in Cologne, Germany

        Invitation to the art exhibition "Synergy between Text and Image" by Harald-M. Lehnardt in Cologne (Rondorf), Germany.
        On Sunday, 23 June 2024, the Kulturkirche Rondorf in Cologne (Rondorf) will open its doors for an extraordinary art exhibition. Under the title "Synergies between text and image", the German artist and graphic designer Harald-M. Lehnardt presents his works.

        Inspired by his 14 years in New York, where he discovered American 'Abstract Expressionism', as well as 12 years in Hawaii. There, Lehnardt developed vintage-style text-image compositions of Hawaiian history and surf culture. Lehnardt offers a unique visual-poetic exploration that reflects his international experience.

        The vernissage begins at 12:00 noon and invites art lovers and interested parties to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Lehnardt's art. Known for his ability to combine text and image in a unique way, Lehnardt creates impressive visual experiences that inspire thought and wonder. Harald-M. Lehnardt has made a name for himself with his unmistakable style, combining literary texts and graphic elements to create harmonious works of art.His works not only reflect aesthetic beauty, but also profound content that takes the viewer on a mental journey.

        After 26 years in metropolises such as New York and Honolulu, he now lives as an artist and designer in East Westphalia. Current projects include large-scale wall designs of 12 flats for the Ronald McDonald House in Bad Oeynhausen, which was realised in 2001 according to the specifications of the American star architect and designer Frank O. Gehry, as well as corridor and wall designs in the Eidingsen Monastery (22 walls) of the Vlotho Deaconry. His current works reflect his closeness to nature and his homeland. With his current theme, Bastauwiesen, he creates new synergies between text and image.  

        The exhibition in the Kulturkirche Rondorf (hosted by Link + Partners Architekten) offers an ideal opportunity to experience Lehnardt's versatility and creativity at first hand. Visitors can look forward to an inspiring atmosphere in which the boundaries between art and literature become blurred and new perspectives are opened up.

        Further information about the exhibition and Harald-M. Lehnardt can be found at
        Instagram: kuliana_edition

        As well as a virtual tour of other exhibits from his collection:

        - June 23, 2024
        - Vernissage Start: 12:00 PM (Noon)
        - Location: Kulturkirche Rondorf, Rondorfer Hauptstraße 45, 50997 Köln (Rondorf)
        - Duration: June 23 - July 18, 2024
        - Opening Hours: Mo-Fr: Mo-Fr 3 PM - 6 PM - or by appointment
        - Artist: Harald-M. Lehnardt
        - Website: www.kuliana-edition.com

        We look forward to your visit and an inspiring day full of art and creativity!
        For further information or interview requests please contact:

        Peter Trombly, 'Pioneer Underground Wavesail Board Shaper’ has passed away on March 28, 2023

        Peter Trombly, 'Pioneer Underground Wavesail Board Shaper’ has passed away on March 28, 2023

        He influenced many Hawaiian Surfboard Shapers with his skills and was well liked in the community. On March 28, 2023 Peter Trombly passed away. Peter was my former neighbor in Hawaii on Sunset Beach. Back in the day he shaped boards for his dear friend Eddie Aikau, he shaped the legendary white board in the incredible shot of Eddie Aikau surfing Sunset Beach in 1975, taken by Surf Photography Pioneer Dan Merkel; the shot that I use for my compositions in the Hawaiian Legend Series. As a known shaper in the early 80s, Peter also worked for German Surfing World Champion Jürgen Hönscheid on the island of Sylt, in the north of Germany.
        Peter was the one who introduced me to Clyde Aikau and the Aikau Ohana when I just moved from Pupukea on Oak in 2005 and then in 20010 to into the Sunset Beach neighborhood, and he saw me working outdoors on my Eddie artwork. In 2011, when I exhibited my artwork at the Kahala Hotel and Resort on Oahu, Peter, graciously offered to play guitar at my opening.
        I am so very sad, he was such a wonderful person and such an honest soul. I will miss you Peter. Rest in peace, my friend. Aloha Oe.

        #alohaoe #hawaiialoha #kahalaresort

        Photo: December 11, 2011, Oahu

        Harald-M. Lehnardt will attend Discovery Art Fair Cologne: April 21/23, 2023

        Harald-M. Lehnardt will attend Discovery Art Fair Cologne: April 21/23, 2023

        Harald-M. Lehnardt will attend Discovery Art Fair Cologne in Cologne to connect with new Galleries and Curators to promote his Artwork from the Kuliana Edition. The Discovery Art Fair is an event designed to inspire and engage, inciting the discovery of new names and artworks  from April 21st – 23rd, 2023 in Cologne, Germany.

        Addressing both new and experienced collectors, the fair showcases a wide spectrum of emerging contemporary art at affordable prices. With an extraordinary selection of local and international galleries, the Discovery Art Fair aims to become one of the most interesting art events to follow as one of the most progressive art fairs in Germany. Spanning across the 4000 sqm of the historic XPOST venue, the fair introduces new art Cologne hasn’t seen before, serving as the hub for all contemporary art enthusiasts. The late 19th-century industrial halls of the locale serve as the perfect setting for the exhibition and its program. In addition to art presentations, the Discovery Art Fair will organize various educational programs for artists and art professionals, as well as workshops and guided tours.The art fair in Cologne offers art lovers and art enthusiasts, young and established collectors but also first-time buyers a multifaceted offer. It ranges from large-format paintings to pocket-sized editions. In addition to classical painting, drawing and printmaking, the Discovery Art Fair Cologne also features sculptures, installations, mixed media and video art. The art fair places a special focus on the areas of photography and urban art, whose innovative works have now found their way into renowned galleries around the world. The diversity of styles and themes of the artworks on display promises a unique experience for visitors, artists and art dealers. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with international artists in a relaxed, communicative atmosphere and purchase original art for their own four walls. Art lovers see the Discovery Art Fair as an ideal extension to Art Cologne, which takes place in the fall.

        #artingermany #discoveryartfaircologne #discoveryartfair #discoveryartfaircologne2023 #artcologne2023 #ostwestfalen #kunsthalleosnabrueck #canvasprint #koelnerliste

        ARTe Osnabrück 2023

        Harald-M. Lehnardt will attend ARTe in Osnabrück: March 3/ 4, 2023

        Harald-M. Lehnardt will attend ARTe in Osnabrück to connect with new Galleries and Curators to promote his Artwork from the Kuliana Edition. ARTe art fair in Osnabrück/Germany is the leading fair for contemporary art in the Osnabrück metropolitan region and is the youngest member of the ARTe family of events. For three days - from March 3 to 5, 2023 - the ARTe art fair invites visitors to stroll and linger through its rich offering of classical modern and contemporary art. Visitors can expect both exquisite treasures from days gone by and current positions by established artists and promising talents. The eye wanders over sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, collages and installations when the ARTe fair in Osnabrück once again invites visitors to stroll and discover its rich offering of contemporary art.

        Selected galleries and artists from Germany and abroad will show their current works for three days in an open, appealing presentation ambience at the art fair in Osnabrück. At the Osnabrück Art Fair, enjoy an inspiring mix of established artists firmly anchored in the market and cheeky, young artists with whom you can make personal contact at the booth.
        #arte2023v #arteosnabrueck2023#artingermany
        #arteosnabrueck #contemporaryart #ostwestfalen #kunsthalleosnabrueck

        We are mourning the passing of our dear friend Buttons Kaluhiokalani

        We are mourning the passing of our dear friend Buttons Kaluhiokalani

        02. November 2013: Here in Hawaii we are mourning the passing of a dear friend and one of Hawaii's Surfing Legends Buttons Kaluhiokalani due to complications related to cancer. As one of the greatest performance innovators surfing has ever known, Buttons is remembered for revolutionising modern short-boarding with his radical maneuvers in the 70's. His surfing inspired a generation. He will be greatly missed by the surfing world. I will always remember him for his kindness and his compassion. A great man, with a great smile and a heart of gold, a great performer and also a family man. He is survived by his wife, eight children and eight grandchildren. 

        I love the beautiful image of Jeff Divine and Lisa Scott Owens: they captured the heart and soul of Buttons, beautiful and iconic. I worked very hard to combine both of them in one of my poetic text/image compositions (see more: www.kuliana-edition.com), and I love what I created. Similar to what I composed with Brian Bielmann's shot of Andy Irons after he passed away 3 years ago .. also on November 2nd. May they both catch up in heaven .. and maybe George Ramos (another NorthShore Legend that passed away this summer) will keep them busy paddling; I know they all are in God's good hands.