Divine Elements 

Religious contemporary art: vibrant imagery containing prayer elements and scripture.
I continue to create my art in the same style & fashion, and follow my passion of text and image. For me this interaction is a way of story-telling (talk story, how we call it here in Hawaii), or in this case an inspirational piece of art that allows me to incorporate prayer elements into my artwork, and let the viewer interprete and decode my composition (and also come across familiar elements).
I love to discover new components and elements in my compositions, almost every time I review one of my creations. I find little details that grab my attention; I find typographic structures and abstract systems, that present themselves to me. - The spiritual aspect and the appreciation of 'Living in Hawaii' presents itself every day to me with the beauty of our environment, a happy smile from the neighbor -
or a random person, or the opportunity to help one another. We end most of our conversations with the word 'aloha' - and each time we say it, we share our love and passion. It is a wonderful feeling to experience it. Kindness and the love of God go a long way. ~ Aloha.

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