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        We offer Digital Fine Art Prints in open and limited editions, including inspiring poetic text-and-image compositions, as well as dramatic perspectives of the ocean, nostalgic elements of Hawaiian history and surf culture, that will transform your interior environment into a sanctuary of spiritual comfort and wellness. Our collection is available in a choice of sizes, printed with archival-quality inks onto rich fine-art print substrates, distinctive metallic prints mounted on sustainably harvested wood panels, prints on aluminum, acrylic, museum-quality papers and distinctive chrome metallic emulsions on gallery mats, image wraps, and also embellished canvas giclées with added Liquitex gel brush strokes as a 'limited edition'. New specialized printing techniques will be added in the near future. Selected compositions can be personalized upon request, and custom orders are available
        Because of distribution logistics, some products are only available in the United States, while others are only available in the European Market. We offer FREE SHIPPING throughout the US, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. If you are located outside these countries, we are glad to send you a shipping estimate for your location upon request. Mahalo for understanding.

        Harald-M. Lehnardt, Artist + Founder, Kuliana Edition

        How it all started ...
        Sometimes good things come unexpected, and here and there we find signs that things do happen for a good reason. 
        It all started a while ago: I remember when I returned a rock to Hawaii; a rock that my mom took from a Hawaiian vacation in 2000, and I brought it back to the islands in 2003. I actually transported this rock from Germany to New York City, then to Los Angeles and finally to the old Heiau in Pupukea, on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore .. Not knowing (back then I lived in New York City), that I would move to Hawaii in 2005 .. And actually moved to Pupukea (less than 1/2 mile from the place where I returned that [river] rock). It is bad karma to take rocks from the islands, but we just didn't know back then.
        Coincidence or not, the fact is that this particular trip to the islands had an incredible effect on my future. I am just so very thankful to have lived 12 incredible years on the aina: thankful for all the things that happened on my artistic journey - full of memories and adventures that would set a path of guidance and inspiration. I will cherish these moments - all of them.

        I studied Visual Communication in Germany with focus on photography and film design. Halfway through my studies, I shifted and set the focus to graphic design and typography, and started to combine my artistic vision with new tools and ways of communication. I read about the Bauhaus years, Kandinsky, El Lissitzky, Moholy Nagy and Mondrian.I fell in love with American Abstract Expressionism and its colorful and abstract dynamics. Furthermore, I developed a fascination with letters and words and within my graphic studies I was inspired by Paul Rand, Neville Brody and of course by David Carson, who changed the academic understanding of design and function, and had a major impact on the tradition of type design and typography in particular ... (years later, I was honored to have David Carson as a guest at my New York loft).
        In 1991, I received a Fulbright Scholarship and moved from Germany to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design/The New School For Social Research. I wrote my Master Thesis about the interaction of ‘Text + Image in the Communicative Pattern of Fine Art Photography’: I wrote about Barbara Kruger, Gilbert and George, Duane Michals ... and I took a closer analytical look at my own artwork, trying to figure out why I was doing what I was doing? That was way back in the early 90s; later in my professional life as Sr. Art Director at Macy’s headquarters in New York, I continued to develop fine type for national ad campaigns, from Chanel fragrances to Prada shoes, and continued with my ‘text-image’ compositions in my artwork on the side, but always continued to experiment and develop new concepts, whenever I had a chance ... and continued my vision and focus.

        I always wondered when I would find my niche, my calling, and my own style. With all what I have experienced in my life; living in different countries, studying abroad, experiencing Manhattan for 14 years as a professional and all that came with it ... until I finally found my way out to the incredible Hawaiian Islands; the islands that I love so very much and in a way changed my life forever – adding momentum to my quest for artistic liberation and success.
        The synergy between text and image is my passion: my urge to discover and create new compositions by adding text, word-fragments and single letters to distinct images – playful, yet with ‘intent.’ The combination of text and image can tell stories – can ask questions – can make us aware of things, or simply be poetic and take us away for a brief moment to different places, that are directed by our own imagination. Over time, I came to understand that the successful philosophy in art and business is to share resources, to collaborate with other talents and to contribute to the overall success of a project, through synergies of vision, as well as innovation: creating something new and sometimes unexpected within the process.
        During my 12 years as Sr. Art Director in New York City, I was exposed to planing and execution of national product launches, major marketing strategies, and in Hawaii I learned a lot from my artistic collaboration with Christian Riese Lassen; about business structure and focus, i.e.; building editions, creating unique artistic resources and a lot more.
        I cherish all that I have learned from my Professors in Germany, Dr. Roland Günter and Professor Gottfried Jäger, my mentors that allowed me to approach each artistic project playful, poetic and sometimes find the philosophy later,- or within the process. I also admire my former employer, Oren Schlieman in Honolulu: a fascinating ‘Thinker’ and Creative Director, that taught me to do things right and be open-minded … Take a step back and observe from a distance, collaborate and honor the people you work with. I owe all of my mentors and teachers a great deal of gratitude, and I am thankful to God for his guidance and inspiration.



        It is my profound belief that the concept of the “Kuliana Edition” is the essence of my artistic as well as spiritual experience I have captured over the years: the artistic and authentic outlet and platform I have been striving for all my life. Working with such a variety of talented artist and visionaries is truly an honor: in our artistic collaboration, we share the same degree of passion and enthusiasm, the ability and commitment to synthesize dynamic and compelling compositions: elegantly integrated interdisciplinary works of art. We want to explore new methods, tell stories, define new perspectives, new elements and create a process that we can develop further and advance our entrepreneurial and creative work. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to combine our talents to make a unique product with a fresh perspective: develop a distinct and innovative style of art that spans from adaptation of ‘Abstract Expressionism’ to inspirational and spiritual compositions. With the help of friends, business partners and mentors, that guided me along the way, from Germany - across the Atlantic to New York, and finally across the Pacific - almost halfway around the planet - to the beautiful North Shore on the island of Oahu, and eventually back to Germany, I am truly excited to re-launch the Kuliana Edition WebShop + Gallery and offer a wide variety of products from an array of editions.


        Mahalo for your time, reading my story. I hope you enjoy my artwork - and you find something that captures your taste and preference ... 
        And maybe it even entices you, to come and visit these beautiful islands.


        Hawaii no ka'oi.
        Aloha, Harald-M. Lehnardt