Divine Elements - Info

I attend church every Sunday Morning around 7.30 am at St. Peter & Paul in Waimea Bay on the NorthShore of Oahu and I wouldn't miss
it for the world. What better way of getting up early on a beautiful morning (rain or shine) in paradise. – LIfe in the islands is very spiritual in general, and one way of sharing our aloha is being kind to one another - helping out and respecting each other. The pace is slow, but the reward is great. Just recently the New York Times featured an article about the best places in the US, where people live a stress-free life. Guess who came up first? "Hawaii no kaoi", a very unique and special place, for sure. I just can't be thankful enough, that I have found
this little pocket of paradise; I think living here makes you a better person, more alert - more conscientious about the beautiful things that surround you and the incredible people that share your path, I really do.

I always had strong religious beliefs, and I experience the love that God gives me every day; in a way I am in a constant dialogue.
It is not always peachy and bright all the time; life is that way, but what I experienced in my 8 years since I moved here from Manhattan, 
is that you really value nature as well as your spiritual beliefs, almost wherever you go. Paddling out on the open ocean - or feeding the birds that come and beg for food in the morning, it all brings out a smile in me and every single morning I wake up I say "Thank You God", for another day in paradise; I feel so very blessed. It is such an incredible power to live with that special feeling in you heart and soul: a combination of passion - belief  and desire. I love everything I do, and I try to do it as best as I can.

I hope my artwork can take you on a little journey: may take you to unknown places to discover - and also might give you the option to visit places you know, but maybe approach them from a different perspective and embrace its beauty and uniqueness.  ~ 

Life is fantastic. Aloha.

photo credit: Clark Little